I won!

ScriptFrenzy Winner

*does happy-dance*

*tosses script in imaginary drawer*

*waits six months*

*edits script*

*sells it for a million dollars*

*wakes up*

Winning definitely doesn’t mean I have a brilliant product. Most of the work that comes out of this crazy month is not headed for a movie theatre or playhouse near you. Winning means I accomplished something that I set out to do. I put pen keyboard to paper screen and churned out a mildly interesting idea in a comprehensive structure that at least a handful of people will enjoy reading (when it comes to writing, family REALLY counts!).

I also had some fun along the way, thanks to @Taliana83 and @Catnipkitty (the ScriptFrenzy leaders here in Toronto). These girls gave it their all and organized some great events, including a Murder Mystery. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending an evening as a quick-talking con artist aboard a space station in a galaxy far, far away? And the food at Tequila Bookworm, our host establishment, was pretty good (I had an avocado-topped burger) — although they did have to reheat the french fries.

I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do it again next April, but I’m very happy to have gotten it done in 2012.



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