Social Media and Me

I used to shun Facebook. This was partly because I was suspicious of people knowing anything about me, and partly because I was on dial-up. Remember those days? Now I’m pretty active on social media (keep in mind that active and popular are two different things). I have a whole slew of accounts from different sites that allow me to share more than I would ever have expected I’d want to. If you aren’t familiar with the “core” sites, wander through this post and find out how I use them (as a human being, not as a writer). More about using social media as a writer in future posts.

Facebook: My personal information (by which I mean how I’m feeling, not my address) goes here. I stay connected to the people I’m comfortable knowing me on this level and keep up with what’s going on in their lives. I don’t use it for Farmville or Cityville or Castleville. I share things directly with people I think will like them or those who I think can use the information. I make my presence known – I will comment on photos without hesitation; I am not a “Facebook Stalker.” And no, I will not add you if I don’t know you. Don’t ask. There are many other ways to connect with me. I suggest Twitter. Or Google+.

Twitter:  My plan here is to share cool stuff with strangers and not-so-strangers (my feed bleeds into Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress). If I find it interesting, and semi-relevant, I will toss it out into the world. If it’s interesting and it happened to me, I will also toss it out into the world. I try to always be mindful that people are watching and I might need to work with these people some day. I could be more focused with my tweets, but as it stands there’s literary stuff, animal stuff, food stuff, and retweeted stuff. It’s a random feed, but I try to cut the chaff.

Google+: Geeky/scientific/odd and interesting stuff gets thrown here – I share extra stuff if I feel I’ve overloaded my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Google+ is a different type of crowd, and I try to throw them stuff they’ll find engaging.

LinkedIn: This is how I keep up with people I know professionally and stay “in the know.” I should use it more than I do, but if every other form of social media disappeared, this’d be the one to keep around. You can learn a lot here, and most of it is stuff you should learn. I probably won’t add you if I don’t know you – LinkedIn keeps warning me against it – but I’m more likely to add you here than on Facebook. Have I mentioned I’m on Twitter and Google+?

Pinterest: It’s really just for me. You can look at my pretty pictures if you want, and I try to keep my comments reader-friendly, but this is where my domestic side shows. I have cutesy stuff, cooking stuff, weird stuff, “professional” literary stuff, and reviews (‘cause I have opinions, but you only need to check them out if you want to). I LOVE Pinterest because I’m fairly visual, and bookmarking a site using an image works better for me than trying to remember the name of a bookmark on a long list of similar entries. My boards are places where I can remind myself about the things I want to have at my fingertips.

YouTube: This is also “just for me.” It doesn’t mean you can’t follow me, it just means there isn’t very much going on. You’ll learn my taste in music and videos. I will add more as I have more time. I may even upload some. Maybe. Far, far into the future.

WordPress: This is the scariest form of social media for me. I am creating content for the world. People could love it; people could hate it; people could share it; people could ignore it. And once it’s out there, it’s stuck. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just means I really do own what I do. And, sometimes, that makes me nervous.



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